Ready Or Not Mens Hair Growth Shampoo 8oz

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Our mens hair growth shampoo is For A Well-Kept Man that cares about his hair and beard.

Our shampoo is made with the finest natural ingredients that help to keep hair hydrated, enhance curl definition, promotes hair growth not only for your hair but your beard as well.

Our shampoo contains wheat protein. What does wheat protein do you ask?

Retains Moisture

It’s important that hair retains moisture in order to be healthy and protect it from damage.

Prevents breakage

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein improves the elasticity of the hair and beard, which is very important at preventing breakage and brittle ends.

Repairs damaged hair

Hair and beards that has become weakened and damaged can be due to a lack of protein or an imbalance of protein and moisture. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is the most recommended treatment for dry, damaged hair that lacks moisture because it is a protein itself and it can restore damaged hair follicles.

Increases volume

The more conditioned and hydrated the hair and beard is, the more you will experience increased volume and body. Those with thinning hair or those simply looking to enhance their natural curl pattern would benefit from using our shampoo.

Aids in manageability

Hair that is dry, damaged, and lacking moisture is usually harder to style. It may become tangled and frizzy, making it extremely vulnerable to any kind of styling.

Every Well-Kept Man should have a bottle or two of Ready Or Not Mens Hair Growth Shampoo!

For overall best results use with Ready Or Not Conditioner and Ready Or Not Hair & Beard Oil.



Aqua Eau

Sulfonate Butyrospermum (shea butter)

Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil)

Wheat Protein

Leaf Extract Propylene Glycol

A Hint Of Sandalwood