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Our mens hair growth solution is a scalp stimulate and hair growth product bundle package. The wheat ingredient in our shampoo works great with your cuticles and cortex. Our conditioner treatment is a scalp stimulate as well as a hair bond strengthener. It has pea protein in it which helps promote a healthy scalp and helps with hair loss. As well as many other conditions. It can be used as deep conditioner and a leave in. Our hair juice is great for your edges, hair line, hair growth, stimulates the scalp, locs, braids and your beards. You can mix the conditioner treatment and oil together to help your beard with manageability, stimulate to the beard shaft, stays shiny, helps with dark spots, beard growth and smells good. 

                                         For That Well-Kept Man

Hair Growth Shampoo 8oz

Beautiful healthy hair begins with a clean scalp and hair. Wash away product build-up, grease and pollutants to allow in the intense hydration, nourishment and protective benefits of the Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.

Our moisturizing growth shampoo can absorb into the scalp, without clogging pores, relieves irritation and itchy scalp. Cleanses the hair, repairs split ends and breakage. Reduces frizz, helps fortify, strengthens, rejuvenates weak, brittle and dry hair.

Coconut Infused Conditioner 8oz
Made with real coconut. Softens, moisturizes, detangles while leaving your hair conditioned and manageable. Can also be used as a deep conditioner and a leave in.

Our Coconut Infused Conditioner moisturizes, detangles, softens, protects and helps strengthen the hair. Our hair growth conditioner keeps your hair light, prevents frizz, stops breakage, adds a shine while promoting healthy hair.

Hair and Beard Oil 2oz

Our all natural hair and beard growth oil can be used on all hair types. Strengthens and moisturizes for healthier hair and beards. Minimize shedding, breakage and repairs damaged hair/beards. Great for locs, braids, afros, waves, long hair, natural hair, curly hair, growing your hair line back and of course on beards.

Hair Growth Shampoo 

Aqua eau
Butyrospermum (Shea butter)
Cocos nucifera (coconut oil)
Wheat protein
Leaf extract propylene glycol



Coconut Infused Conditioner

Distributed By:
The Pinky Redd Brand LLC
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
Made In The USA

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