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Could your business use an extra $50-$100k in business credit? Plus learning how to get even more in business funding.

What you can do with business credit!

  1. Put a down payment on some property or land
  2. Start a Airbnb
  3. Buy a company vehicle
  4. Get products for your business
  5. Lease an office space
  6. Get bigger grants and loans
  7. Higher credit card limits and more

All of this WITHOUT using your social security number. (loans and most financing you will need to PG) Business credit is NOT the same as Business Financing.

This e-book gives you step by step on building the foundation to obtaining these high loan amounts.

  1. Business address
  2. Business number
  3. Business email
  4. Business bank account 
  5. LLC
  6. EIN
  7. Business license
  8. Regstering your number
  9. Business Website and more

This E-book goes into detail about the different business credit reporting agencies. Tiers to building business credit. Getting approved for credit cards and loans.

Links to getting your business telephone numbers

Links to different business offices to obtain your business address

Links to vendors

Links to credit cards

Links to business credit bureaus

Links to different type of loans

Are you ready to start leveling up that business?

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